Kaer Maga

As long as there have been history books, Kaer Maga has been in them. No one knows who built these eight story high, hexagonal walls atop the Storval Plateau. No one knows why anyone would build a city in the Cinderlands, 3,000 feet above some of the most fertile land in Varisia.

And yet Kaer Maga has survived from time immemorial. Some say it may even predate the ruins of the ancient empire that spanned Varisia and beyond before Earthfall.

Kaer Magans live a twilight existence inside these walls. The eight ring districts

Although it is the smallest of the Varisian cities, it is by far the most diverse. Troll shaman augur by tearing out their own intestines. Strange cultists sew their lips shut to avoid speaking words that are not the true name of their god. Orc slavers sell human children, watching out for the abolitionist Freemen. Nagas cloister themselves and use their followers to control the city behind the scenes. These factions vie for power and territory in the city in lieu of having a formal government.

Kaer Maga

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